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Herd immunity gets it’s funny name because of what herd animals like elephants do in the wild to protect their babies. The herd works together to surround their babies so that predators can’t get to them creating a shield of protection. Similarly, when most people get immunized they create a shield of protection in the community so vulnerable babies, kids with cancer or other immunity issues who can’t be vaccinated are protected. 11 (2)Dangerous vaccine-preventable diseases can’t get a foothold in the community when most people are immunized. You can’t spread a disease and contribute to an outbreak if you are immune. Can’t spread what you can’t catch!

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Kai got a new liver and can't get vaccines
Kai got a new liver and can’t get vaccines



Book sales fund pediatric health education campaigns. Contact me for educator discount code and FREE “FightFlu” or “Immunized and #SchoolReady” stickers to promote a healthier community. Let’s protect the vulnerable like Kai, who medically can’t be vaccinated.


My name is Ethan, I’m now 16 years old, and I dedicate my book to the children who rely on herd immunity to keep them safe. Kids fighting cancer, needing transplants, or battling other diseases are the real heroes and I want them to know they have a friend who cares and that’s why #IAmTheHerd

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Book proceeds fund immunization educations campaigns like my “Immunized and #SchoolReady stickers for schools and health care educators to promote community immunity.




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