FINAL_cover_shotsbook (1)Sometimes a kid can explain something better to a kid.

Empower your child and make their back-to-school doctor visit a lot easier.

That was easy

The Shots Book; A Little Brother’s Superhero Tale is an illustrated children’s book written by a teen author who explains how vaccines work to protect our health and the health of others in our community. Ethan is the “little brother” featured in the award-winning documentary, Invisible Threat, and now shares his real-life story about discovering the importance of herd immunity when his new puppy, who was too young to be vaccinated, gets sick. Ethan and his puppy become community immunity superheroes in a delightful superhero story after getting their vaccines. The book was published with a grant from the American Academy of Pediatrics, California Chapter, and Rady Children’s Hospital and has easy to follow tips to make your doctor visit a little easier.

Ethan has won numerous national awards including the Congressional Award Gold Medal and three President’s Volunteer Service Award Medals (Gold 2018, Gold 2017, and Silver 2016).

“This is everything I wish I had known when I was getting my kindergarten shots”~ Author Ethan Posard


Book sales fund health education campaigns. Order FREE “FightFlu” or “Immunized and #SchoolReady” stickers to promote a healthier community.

As a little kid, I used to love to go with my parents to vote on election day and get my “I Voted” sticker. While stickers are fun, it turns out there is the powerful psychology behind the idea proven by multiple scientific studies. To have a healthy democracy, we need those who can vote to do their part and vote. To combat vaccine-preventable illnesses, we need those who can vaccinate to do their part to protect those who can’t. Inspired by the “I voted” sticker (and funded through book sales) I created a #FightFlu and a #SchoolReady version using my superhero logo, because when you immunize you become a community immunity superhero. 

Please go to or and contact me to get free #FightFlu or Immunized and #SchoolReady stickers.